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John A Hepburn-Wright is the sole trader of the business, The Wright Root, “Beyond Organic” Market Gardeners. The business is a modern, progressive market garden based near Coupar Angus.

With the cost of Land and Machinery required for Industrial Agriculture making it very difficult for new entrants to get a start, this mean that there is never a change in the Status Quo and the new entrants who normally bring with them new vision and ideas are prevented from developing something new.

Farming Better Not Bigger

The aim of the business is to encourage, educate and to “close the loop” on resources used, while showing that “Farming Better Not Bigger” rather than “Get Big or Get Out” is a viable option. The proposal is to create a mixed holding producing Top and soft Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Gourmet Mushrooms, Pork, Fish, Plant sales and added value products.

Hotels, Restaurants, & Farmers Markets

Hotels, Restaurants, & Farmers Markets

The main markets for the produce will be restaurants, farmers markets, box schemes and an on-site farm shop. There are several producers in the area who have stayed with the traditional range of vegetables or fruit and buy in to from wholesalers to deliver their output, but the set-up within The Wright Root allows for quicker reaction to the markets and that “we only sell what we produce” which although creating production difficulties it allows customers to see everything is produced how they believe it should be.

“Beyond Organic”

Beyond Organic” is to be our ethos on the basis that, rather than using less chemicals than conventional agriculture – as stated by the soil association; we use no chemicals.


Over 30 years as a grower and adviser

Having been involved in Agriculture for over 30 years as a grower and advisor, John has many transferable skills as well as wide range of knowledge to allow the business to develop and expand.

Over the last 3 month we have been selling our quick crops through 3 restaurants, about 15 box equivalents and 3 farmers markets. This has shown that there is a great interest in local food and with careful investment and the right story there is a good living to be made from a relatively small area of land. The development needs to be targeted to create a multifaceted business to utilise its assets in many ways to offset any disaster by reducing its dependency solely on seasonal crops.

Closing the Loop

The hope is to create a business that can be passed on to the next generations to add and expand on the over-all enthuses of “closing the loop”, “farming better not bigger” and “Beyond Organic”.

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