The £10 Box Scheme

The £10 Box Scheme starts Thursday 25th October.

We are offering a limited number of £10 boxes that will be available for collection from The Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust Office
(HEAT) between 11am and 4pm on Thursday.

When putting the boxes together to make the mix as diverse as possible: –
1. We provide 6 – 9 different items per box for every week of the season.
2. We include Salad leaves in every box, occasionally this will be replaced by spinach in the early season.
3. Each week will include one variety of greens sometimes more in the early season but never two in a row.
4. Most weeks will include at least two root crops, carrots being included as often as possible.
5. Greenhouse crops, tomatoes, cucumbers etc., will be provided as soon as available.
6. Herbs will be included in every box.

Payment for the boxes can be made by Bank Transfer, details will be provided when you order, prior to collection.

To receive a box just let us know by the Monday before next Thursday delivery.

As the Market Garden only started on the 1 June this year we are unsure how long we will be able to supply boxes this winter but we will keep everyone who is interested informed.

We have started planting for the 2019 season already and we hope to be able to supply boxes all year round from May 2019 onwards.

Thank you for your support

The Wright Root team
Facebook thewrightroot

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